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Noel Gallagher Claims He'll 'Get Involved' In WW3 And 'Shoot Anything That Moves'

Noel Gallagher claims he'll 'get involved' in WW3 and 'shoot anything that moves.' 

The Oasis songwriter (54) has declared he's ready to fight with guns if there's a third world war and take post on his roof. He said during appearance on Matt Morgan's podcast: "If there was an invasion here you'd have to get involved. I haven't got any long-range weapons at my disposal but I could probably get a gun. I'd get out to Hampshire and I know a few people out there with shotguns and sub-machine guns. I would get out to Hampshire, I would access to the roof and before that I would order a load of telescopic stuff from Amazon, camouflage gear, a flask, some warm weather long johns and sit on the roof and listen to the radio and shoot anything that fucking moved. My roof is a bit higgledy-piggledy it's not like a helipad and my house is on a hill so I can see for fucking miles. There's a guy who lives near me who is part of an armed police unit, I would just say, 'You got any of those guns that you were showing me that day?' 

I was out for a walk with my two lads and two coppers were parked up with an armed police vehicle and they were like, 'No way, Noel Gallagher.' We were chatting away and they were like, 'Do the lads want to see some guns?' They opened the back and fuck me man they had an arsenal in there, like, really. Stuff that you just look at and think, 'I won't even bother picking that up, I just know that could blast trees out of the ground, that thing.'" 

He added that he's hoping things won't escalate that far as the world has already had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still ongoing: "We've just had COVID restrictions thrown out of the door and now, 'Oh, there's going to be a war is there? Nice one. Fucking hell.' Can we not have Glastonbury first and then go to war?' The fact that both sides have access to all the nuclear weapons then there isn't going to be war because nobody is that fucking stupid because everybody get annihilated. People have been saying for years that Putin is dangerous. This is what Russia do all the time, they try it on and then the West are lily-livered. The penises running the government these days need to grow a pair.'"

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