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Noel Gallagher On 'Dead In The Water'

Speaking to Radio X yesterday Noel Gallagher talked about 'Dead In The Water' that appears  as a bonus track on 'Who Built The Moon?'

He said “I was doing a radio session in Ireland and no more than a few days earlier, I’d written that song in under two hours. I hadn’t played it to anyone. So I was sat with headphones on and the sound in the room was so amazing that while the engineer was messing around with this mike, I just started singing it for myself. I forgot all about it, fast forward the album’s finished, the inevitable question: have you got any bonus material? I said, We didn’t record any B-side material. Then someone in my office, Said what about that song you did that day in Dublin? The one about the water? He got in touch and they said Oh yeah, we recorded it. My jaw hit the floor - what’s special is that I’m singing it for myself. I listened to it and thought, It has to go on the album because I want to play it live.”



Unknown said...

Great and raw song. It really struck me when listening to it for the first time.

Peter Gowdy said...

Noel best song since 1996. Typical of him to hide it at the end of an otherwise average album. Should have been a single.