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Q&A With Alan McGee

We sent a Q&A to Alan McGee a Scottish music industry mogul and musician famed for founding the independent Creation Records label which ran from 1983 to 2000.

Hows Things Alan?
Good I'm a house dad and loving not dealing with idiots.

Did you ever have dreams as a child of being in a band and becoming a rock star?

I was in a band for real till 21, 'Biff Bang Pow' was a hobby band with Dick Green.

You will mostly be remembered as the man who discovered Oasis, are you satisfied with that? or do you feel there's still more that you would like to accomplish?
Bringing up my daughter really, and I like doing Death Disco and running clubs and DJ'ing but that's a hobby.

Other than those on your label, Is there a band from your time at Creation that you'd wished you'd have signed?
The Stone Roses.

Apart from the albums Oasis released on Creation, what's your favourite album the label released?
Probably Trashmonk 'Monalisa Overdrive' an absolute classic, I released late 1998.

What do you think about Heavy Stereo's first album?
Good better than people think it is.

Do you wish Ride had stayed together longer?
Yes I loved them.

What is your favorite moment of the 90's?
Getting off drugs.

What are your memories of Primal Scream when they were signed to Creation?

All good we drifted apart as we got older, I got sober but I like their new single.

If they ever Make a film about your life who would play you?
Sean from The Vortex an Indie band from Manchester, I love that bloke.

Have you ever thought about writing a book about your experiences with the music industry?
They want me to, so I probably will.

If you could name a band Dream Team - who would be in it?
Oasis 'Definitely Maybe' line up.

When you first saw Oasis perform did you ever imagine that one day they would become a defining symbol of Rock 'N' Roll?

What do you think is the best song Noel's ever written?....and did he ever give you a song where you thought "my god that's shit"?!

Don't Look Back In Anger, I never really got 'Gas Panic', but i love him the way i love Neil Young and I don't love everything he's ever done.

We know you consider Noel a genius, but what do you think about Liam's songwriting?

Getting really good, I really liked the 'Meaning Of Soul' Liam is a one off they broke the mould, he's a dude.

What do you think of the albums Oasis have released since leaving Creation?
I really like the new one.

Who were worse to manage Oasis or The Libertines?
I never managed oasis I signed them to my record company, on The Libertines no comment.

Will Oasis ever be inducted into the 'Rock n' Roll' Hall Of Fame?
Should be, they deserve it.

If you had to choose....Would you rather have signed Oasis and nobody else. Or have signed all the other acts but not Oasis?

No i really only listen now to Oasis from the Creation days, none of the other music turns me on in 2008.

Are you still in contact with any of the original members?
Bonehead is a mate and Noel we have a text relationship with, when I see Liam it's cool, Guigsy I haven't seen for years as Tony McCarroll.

Is there anything you'd change if you could have the Oasis period again?

No glad I left when I did, I was burned out and had to go and do my own thing which i enjoyed.

Special thanks to Alan for taking the time and effort to do this for the site, it's most appreciated.

For more information on Alan visit his MySpace page here.



Anonymous said...

Great Interview if someone from the Oasis managment is reading this.

Sort it out and let someone who is a fan do interview with the band and not people who don't have a clue :)

WELL DONE 10 Out of 10

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Anonymous said...

Sean from The Vortex is a top bloke... Bang on Alan,and so is their music.

Vida Automática said...

Excellent job L. ;) Now get us Noel and we will all be happy

Anonymous said...

Brilliant interview! said...

I would love to do one with any member of the band.