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Who's Liam Gonna Call?

Liam Gallagher is turning to Gwyneth Paltrow and a Kabbalah rabbi to help rid unwanted demons from his home. The Oasis frontman is said to be "concerned" after hearing sinister sounds and feeling "a presence".
Liam 33, who lives with fiancee Nicole Apppleton and their son Gene is now seeking solace from Gwynnie, 33.
She has top notch experience of tackiling things that go bump in the night. Earlier this year the screen siren who also lives in north London, had to call in the Ghostbusters to her home. An insider said: "Liam is concerned as he feels there is definitely some sort of presence in his house. "Not an evil feeling but definitely something that isn't quite right. Lately things have been going missing on a frequent basis without any explanation. " For example, a week ago he lost his keys and then they turned up in the kitchen cupboard and no-one had moved them, and now two pans have gone missing. "Sometimes he heard sounds that don't make any sense. "He will lie awake for hours listening for noises and he is sure he has heard footsteps on the stairs in the early hours of the morning, but when he has gone to investigate, there has been nothing there. He is just asking Gwenyth what she did so he can follow suit".
In January this year Gwynnie called in a Kabbalah rabbi to help get rid of her demons. She felt "Bad Energy" in the home she shares with Coldplay frontman Chris Marti, 29 and their two tots Apple and Moses. Liam and All Saint singer Nicole, 31 are house hunting and hope to move to a a different part of London.In February Liams neighbours grew increasingly concerned about the noise he was making on his treadmill and to top it off he's now also dealing with spooky spirits. So its Definitely Maybe time to make a move mate.

Source: Daily Star.

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