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Liam & Noel's Secret Oa-sis

Oasis stars Noel and Liam Gallagher have a secret sister they don't even know exists, the News of the World can sensationally reveal today.

Pretty Emma Davies, 32, was the result of an affair the brothers' love-rat dad Tommy had with her mum June.

Oasis fan Emma discovered the truth when she bought the band's hit album (What's The Story) Morning Glory in 1996 — and June blurted out the bombshell news.

Since then she has hidden her heart-rending secret — even when she came within feet of millionaire half-brother Liam while working as a chambermaid at a luxury hotel where he was staying.

But now she has put aside her fears of being rejected by the battling brothers to come forward. And her story is backed up by legal maintenance documents that prove she is telling the truth.

Mum-of-two Emma — who bears a striking resemblance to Liam — told the News of the World: "It has been so hard for me, following their lives from afar.

"I wanted Noel and Liam to know I existed. But I was never brave enough to speak out. They were just too famous. I was worried they'd think I was some gold-digger, which couldn't be further from the truth. I was also terrified they'd reject me. And so I'd sit watching them on Top Of The Pops, tears rolling down my cheeks.

"But now I want them to know about me. And I'd like to know them."

Emma was born on August 8, 1973 — at the same hospital, St Mary's in Manchester, where Liam's mum Peggy had given birth to him 11 months earlier.

She grew up only five streets away from the Gallaghers. Her mother had met Tommy at a local disco. June, 58, confessed: "Yes, I was a naive young girl. I took him home to meet my parents. None of us had any idea he was married or had kids. And by the time I found out I'd already had Emma.

"We still carried on seeing each other. He'd secretly bring Liam round when he visited Emma." But the affair soon ended — and June took Tommy to court for maintenance.

Manchester Magistrates Court records show that on February 22, 1974, Thomas Gallagher was ordered to pay June Davies £4 a week for baby Emma. He never contested the fact that she was his daughter.

Emma was last week sent a legal letter confirming that later, in 1976, Tommy tried to have the maintenance reduced. "Bizarrely, I have a memory of Tommy bouncing me on his knee at the courtroom in 1974. But that's the last time me or Mum saw him. He never paid the child support. Then we moved to Macclesfield," she said.

"Tommy was a charmer and my mum fell in love with him. But all the time, he was cheating on Liam and Noel's mum Peggy."

Growing up, Emma knew nothing more about her father apart from his name. But when Noel and Liam stormed to fame, June knew she would have to be told the truth.

"When Mum told me I was dumbstruck," said Emma. "I'd just bought their album. I could hardly believe it at first — but gradually it sank in. And then I was just thrilled to know about them."

She secretly worshipped her brothers from afar — but once, in May 1996, she and Liam's paths crossed. Oasis had just cleaned up at the Brit Awards. Millionaire Liam and his then girlfriend Patsy Kensit checked into the Mottram Hall Hotel near Prestbury, Cheshire, where Emma was a chambermaid.

"I was gobsmacked. I thought it must be fate that Liam and I were under the same roof," said Emma. "I was so tempted to approach him. But then it hit me. What would I say? ‘Hi Liam, I'm your sister'? I thought he'd go mental and call me a nutcase or a stalker. So I kept my distance."

But she did get a couple of keepsakes of her half-brother. "After Liam and Patsy had checked out, a chambermaid friend who I'd confided in had to clean their room," said Emma. "Liam had left behind a Sgt Pepper T-shirt and a Beatles CD. She should have put them in lost property, but instead she gave them to me. I have treasured them."

Her dad Tommy, now 62, was divorced by Peggy, 63, in 1986. But Emma insists she doesn't want to cause Peggy hurt by making her secret public.

"I know Mum And Peggy have both been hurt by Tommy — but I was raised without a father and now there's nothing I'd like more than to know my dad and my brothers," said Emma.

Now living with boyfriend, Darren, in Congleton, near Manchester, she wants her children Jake, 13, and ten-year-old Isobel, to know them too.

"Noel and Liam are their uncles. Tommy is their grandfather," said Emma.

"It is so important to know your family. I don't want anything more from Noel and Liam than that."

Her mum said: "I am now married. My husband and I have a good life. I don't want anything to spoil that. And I don't want Emma to get hurt.

"But I can't stop her doing what she has to do. If she wants Liam and Noel to know about her, that's down to her."


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