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Andy Bell Joins The Brian Jonestown Massacre For Charity Show

A festival that takes place in Oxford every year called 'Truck', was due to take place but was cancelled due to the downpour in the shire, one of the bands supposed to be playing was the Brian Jonestown Massacre, because it was cancelled so late (Friday) the day before the start of it most bands were in Oxford for it.

So at last minute they put on a gig at Brookes University with all the bands here already as a fundraiser because the rain ruined the site.

Rumours in the venue were that Andy Bell and Mark Mardner were going to do an acoustic set.

With one band to go before the Brian Jonestown Massacre took to the stage, the act before failed to arrive. So during the sound check Anton Newcombe came on to the stage and demanded two leather chairs be put side of stage.

Then when the band come on Andy Bell and Mark Gardner follow them on, so they just sit on the chairs at side of stage with Anton occasionally summoning Andy Bell to jam on some tunes, they played for about hour and half and did about six tunes.

They strung them out with Andy playing little riffs and solos on top, Anton left the stage at one point during a jam and with no idea what to play next they cracked into 'Drive Blind' with the Massacre Band , Andy played rhythm and Mark sang.

The two of them stayed on stage the whole gig, Andy played on more tunes than Mark, Anton was constantly bowing at them.

Small video clip of Drive Blind here

Thanks to Tim Ford for the pictures.

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