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Rare Oasis Demo Cassette Appears On Ebay

Item title: Oasis LIVE DEMONSTRATION demo cassette

Item description: This is one of the rarest Oasis items to apear on eBay for years! The Oasis LIVE DEMONSTRATION demo cassette. This is an original BASF CHROME cassette from march 1993 containing the following demo tracks:
1. Rock 'N' Roll Star
2. Columbia
3. Wanna Be A Spaceman
4. Strangething
5. Bring It On Down
6. Married With Children
7. Fade Away

All seven tracks are DEMO versions, and not the same as the released versions. The track "Strangething" was never released.

This cassette comes with all documentation. It comes with certificate of authenticity letter from Steve Herman, who was the Entertainment Officer at the Students Union at the University of Surrey from June 1993 untill June 1994 (see picture below). This is also comfirmed by the Students Union in Surrey, and comes with documentation from this union as well (see picture below). Steve Herman was offered to book Oasis for £200, and therefore he got this demo cassette from Ben Winchester at Iginition Management. Steve Herman never booked Oasis - bad decission.

This demo cassette was made by Ignition Management after they signed Oasis (Oasis was signed to Creation through Ignition Management). It was made directly from the original live demonstration cassette.

Item condition: The item is in EXCELLENT condition.

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