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Eavis In Glasto Blasto At Noel

Defiant Glastonbury chief Michael Eavis has hit back at Noel Gallagher for criticising this year’s bill.

The Oasis legend added his words to the Glasto debate and said booking Jay-Z to headline was a mistake.

But dairy farmer Michael has now stuck the Wellington boot back into the rocker.

He blasted: “Why did he need to get involved? It was a bit weird, to be honest.

“He should give someone else a chance. He needn’t have said that and I was disappointed he did.

“He said it’s a place for guitar bands — but there are loads of guitar bands playing.”

However, I reckon Noel has every right to make his feelings known and was only saying what most music fans were thinking.

It wasn’t personal, as Noel is actually a pal of Jay-Z — he was just saying Glastonbury wasn’t the best stage for a big hip-hop act. And he’s right.


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