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More On Liam Gallagher's New Hairstyle

A few stories about Liam Gallagher's new hairstyle in the tabloids today.

Liam's a rock and bowl star

Liam Gallagher sports a new pudding bowl hairstyle as he shops for cheap plonk.

The Oasis frontman looked like Beatles idol Ringo Star at the London store.

Hardened rocker Liam, 35, once said: “You’ve got to have good hair.”

Some Might Say he isn’t leading by example.


Girly Liam just rollers with it

Rock badboy Liam Gallagher steps out in the sunshine sporting a bizarre curled-under bob haircut.

The usually scruffy singer, 35, looked more sissy than Oasis as he wandered around North London wearing a blouse - like top and the new Wonderbowl haircut.

Liam nipped out to stock up on booze. But the sulky singer's girly look sparked giggling fans to ask: "What's the story, morning Gloria?"

An onlooker joked: "He certainly looked back in anger when he realised people were laughing and taking photographs of his weird bonce."

Source: Daily Star

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