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German FHM Magazine Review Of Dig Out Your Soul

The German version of FHM have given the new Oasis album five stars and is the album of the month.

Translated by Ballack

'There will be a completely new sound' Noel Gallagher said about the new album.

But in fact, the eleven tracks do not sound that different at all, because oasis are still oasis.

Big-mouthed and megalomaniac, and that´s how it should be.

The good thing about 'Dig Out Your Soul' is, that you're familiar with what's going on.

Noel writes the lyrics, brother Liam sings, straight Rock 'N' Roll.

The first single is called 'The Shock Of The Lightning'.

That one alongside with 'bag it UP' and 'falling down' is definitely the song with the biggest 'recognition value' (most catchy i guess).

The album was produced by Dave Sardy, an expert in working with difficult artists.

Instead of, working against each other, he made the band work as one team and thus deliver a good album.

Oasis found their soul, which they had lost to the 'drug devil'.

At last and about time too!

Source: German FHM

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Anonymous said...

that review is a joke, and it's a shame that these so called journalists already got their hands on that new record.

Anonymous said...

Don't complain, they gave it 5 stars!