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Elvis Costello 'Noel Gallagher Is Deluded'

Elvis Costello speaking to the Telegraph in a recent interview.

"I think I can do Paul McCartney better than Noel Gallagher can do Paul McCartney, Noel is deluded about a lot of things, most obviously that he is a songwriter at all. That he even brackets himself in the same sentence as Paul is laughable ."


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dennis from belgium said...

he might not be the musician paul mccartney definitely is, but noel gallagher has touched much more people than costello ever did/will do. Noel is the reason i started playing guitar and i know for a fact i'm not the only one. just because his songs are so simple and appeal to millions of young people all around the world. all do respect for costello tho, but slagging off noel seems a bit childish and attentionseeking.

Andy Ness said...

costello is a stupid cunt

Anonymous said...

big words from someone that hasn't done anything relevant since the 70s...on wait he was in Austin mistake

Anonymous said...

Elvis was wrong for saying what he said. I think sometimes he does that just to get a rise out of people, which, yes is childish. However, he is a million times more musically talented than Noel. And if producing 30 or more albums of diverse musical styles and collaborating with numerous icons in the business who have huge respect for him isn't relevant, I don't know what the fuck is.