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Kasabian Rock But Won't Knock Oasis

Kasabian must be happy as Larry that Oasis have disbanded - they are officially the top rockers on the block!

But that doesn't mean they don't have respect for the Gallagher brothers and their defunct band.

In Dublin on Friday to celebrate Arthur's Day - Guiness's 250th birthday - lead singer Tom Meighan told me: "Oasis were at the pinnacle of the music world for 16 years and despite touring with them this year we didn't see any signs that they were falling apart.

"I had nights out with both Liam and Noel separately and things were fine. It's a sad loss that they are no longer."

The lads also told me that Noel is to star in a new Adidas campaign later this year. Can't wait to see that.

But Tom wasn't quite so nice about Robbie Williams.

Speaking of the Robster's comeback into the charts, Tom said: "Nobody knows what the hell he's on about these days because he's nuts - it's probably best to let him get on with it."



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