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Liam Gallagher's New Bands Single Is Out In October

Liam Gallagher has told he wants to put out a single in October followed by a album next year.

He said they've already made enough demos for an album, and that they will go into studio with a producer in April.

The interview can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

What!? Liam has always said he wanted to put out the new record as quickly as possible and how disappointed he was that Oasis only put out 7 albums in 18 years, and now we have to wait until next year to hear it!?
Actually I remember him talking about getting it out in the shops by July (this year)!

Oh, well... I guess that's how the record industry works these days. It wasn't just Oasis fault it took so long between each long player.

Spunky said...

The juicy bits of the interview(nothing new, I'm afraid :-)):

[Liam: "Because I already was in Oasis, it's not like sound or voice are going to be hugely different, but this is the debut album of an entirely new band. There will be people that will go "As Noel is not there anymore, isn't it going to suck?", but the songs will surprise and blow everyone away"

As for the name, "There's a candidate that we fancy, but we're considering it yet". "Oasis is such a silly name!", he added]

Anonymous said...

the band is called 'big issue' you heard it here first!

S Alessandra said...

I'm hevily anticipating this new album and cannnot wait for it to be released, as long as they make it truly great with the extra time, I don't mind one bit. The most horrible thing would be for them to rush it and let us all down in the end. Even with the heartbreaking absence of Noel, I never want to see these guys fall from their high seats!!!!!! <3 <3 OASIS FOREVER!!!!!! <3 <3

S Alessandra said...

Oh and I forgot to mention, I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that the other person who commented is not correct in saying that the band will be called "Big Issue". That just screams 'FLOP'. :P <3 Oasis <3