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Liam Gallagher Feels Like Transvestite

Liam Gallagher says being in a new band is like telling people he’s now a transvestite and ordering them to call him by a new name.

The British musician made his name in rock band Oasis, which also featured his brother Noel Gallagher. The siblings have a famously turbulent relationship, with both frequently threatening to leave the group following arguments. In 2009, Noel finally walked out on the band claiming he could no longer deal with his brother.

Oasis disbanded, and Liam formed his new band Beady Eye. The name hasn’t gone down that well with critics, but Liam insists people will get used to it in time.

“I don’t give a f**k mate,” he replied, when told Beady Eye sounds like a folk band from 1972 by Q magazine. “It’s psychedelic. People know me as Oasis so it will be weird for a bit. It’s like a transvestite, like me walking into a room and going, ‘Right, that’s it, I’m called Lisa now.’ But people will be calling their kids Beady Eye by the end of the year. You’ve got to keep a beady eye on all sorts, haven’t you? It puts us next to The Beatles, as well, in the rack. Instead of the f**kin’ Osmonds.”

Liam is currently promoting Beady Eye’s debut Different Gear, Still Speeding. He is proud of the record, and had a great time making it as the group were so relaxed in the studio. The singer explained he didn’t feel under as much pressure as he had previously.

He refused to confirm or deny whether his song The Morning Son – which includes the lyric “You’re blinded by what you idolise” – is about Noel, only saying it’s a song which means a great deal to him.

“These songs were done in four, five takes. I remember doing 20 takes on that last album [2008’s Dig Out Your Soul]. I was in there singing all day long, it’s f**kin’ boring,” he explained.

“Most of the songs [on Different Gear, Still Speeding] are about no one and everyone. But The Morning Son could be the only one attached to Noel. Sometimes you can be held back by something that you f**kin’ worship too much.”


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