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Electric Soft Parade On Supporting Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds And More

Thomas White from the The Electric Soft Parade took the time to answer some questions ahead of the bands support dates for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds in Manchester, Edinburgh and London.

Where are you guys from?
We come from way on down south in sunny Brighton. Me and Alex's family are from all over though, half from Newcastle and half from London.

Who's in the band and how did you meet up?
On recordings the band is myself and my brother Alex. When we play out live we take a full band with us. For the past year that has consisted of our long-serving bass-player, Mr Matthew Twaites - a staple of the Brighton scene, he's played in too many bands to mention and is also a kick-ass recording engineer in his own right. On guitar we have the mighty Andrew Mitchell, who actually lives in Dundee, Scotland. Up there he plays in his own group, The Hazey Janes, who are a kind of amalgamation of all things good in the world of indie-pop - think the absolute middle ground between The Posies, Fanclub and Guided By Voices and you're halfway there. And on the drums we have Damo Waters, who, apart from being the best drummer alive and working today, also creates fantastic and wonderful music under the name Muddy Suzuki. A motley bunch, then, and like all good things, a total accident.

What style of music best describes what you do?
Ecstatic psychedelic pop.

What should fans expect from your support slot?
We'll be playing a bit of everything. We've got three albums under our belts now, so we're going to try and cherry pick from each of those, as well as representing our new material in a satisfactory fashion.

What are the bands plans for the rest of the year?
The shows with Noel are the start of a little tour for us - our first for three years - so we're going to get these out of the way, and see how we all feel about making a new record.

How did the support for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds come about?
Noel actually got in touch with me last year about something unrelated to ESP, which in the end didn't happen. I kept in touch though, and when I saw he'd announced these shows I simply sent him a text enquiring as to whether support bands had already been selected for the tour. Turned out they hadn't....and.....kaboom! Still can't quite believe it was that easy.

Are you looking forward to the shows?
As I said, this is going to be our first tour in a good few years, and certainly our biggest shows in a while. Yep, can't wait!

What are your thoughts on the tracksfrom Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds?
Noel always keeps tight quality control. We always say you can measure a group on the quality of their drummer and the quality of their b-sides.

Were you fans of Oasis? If so, when did you first hear them?
Myself and Alex were big fans of Oasis back in the day. Put simply, they were a massive part of growing up in the era we did. We were too young for the whole baggy movement, and were pretty much doing our own thing by 1999, so they caught us at just the right time.

Finally what are your favourite Oasis tracks and why?
There is a special place in our hearts for 'Stay Young' and 'I Got The Fever'. Had they been released as singles I'm sure they would have both been massive. I can't put my finger on it, but 'Stay Young' in particular is just a beautiful, honest song. Good work!

Upcoming Live Dates

26th - Manchester Apollo
27th - Edinburgh Usher Hall
28th - Oxford Academy
29th - London Hammersmith Apollo
30th - Edinburgh Liquid Room
31st - Liverpool Masque

1st - Brighton Concorde
2nd - Falmouth University
3rd - Newark Palace Theatre
4th - Manchester Deaf Institute
5th - Sheffield Plug
8th - Birmingham Academy 3
9th - Hoxton Square Bar And Grill
10th - Newcastle Academy 2
12th - Stratford Cox's Yard

1st - Bristol Fleece
2nd - St Albans Horn

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Thanks for a brilliant interview :)

Enjoy a collection of Brothers White videos at Myspace (scroll to end of page) including their Brighton comeback show, December 2010. Post messages for the band on Facebook