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Folks On Supporting Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds And More

Michael from Folks took the time to answer some questions ahead of the bands support date for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at The Roundhouse in London on October 31st.

Were are you guys from?
Mostly from Manchester (Scott, Michael, Elliot, Thom) - we did rehearse there but decided to rent a rehearsal room out of the way in the countryside, 15 miles out of the city. Thom is originally from Sheffield but moved to Manchester last year. I think Noel and I were born in the same hospital, St. Marys, on Oxford Road. Mine and Scotts families are originally from Miles Platting, Elliot is from sunny Burnage.

Who's in the band and how did you meet up?

Scott Anderson (vocals), Michael Beasley (songwriter/guitar), Thomas Fripp (Lead Guitar), Elliot Barlow (Drums), Harry Gumery (Bass), Wil Akroyd (Keys). Scott and I had been working on songs and after a while, asked a few friends if they knew any spectacular musicians who might want to join the band. It took a while to find the right people but once we were assembled, it came together really quickly.

What style of music best describes what you do?

It's a little psychedelic but the emphasis is on the songs, each of which is a pocket symphony. We spent a lot of time deciding on what kind of instrumentation to use on each track for the record, flutes, mellotrons, strange strings. We were invited to use Toerag Studios in Hackney, London, which is where it first really started for us. We loved using the old EMI REDD desk, Automatic double tracking and recording on analogue tape, it was preferable to what we had used before. We found that because we’re using a four track tape machine, we didn't have lots of time to think about things like you might have in a digital studio. We usually cut one track per day. Verve Records in New York heard the recordings from Toerag and gave us a little money to make some more demos, which was inspiring since Verve is the home of the greats such as Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald .The greats who my Grandma Ada used to have on in her house in Moston. John Leckie (Stone Roses, Radiohead, Plastic Ono Band) was an early admirer of Folks, too, and he told us to just get our heads down and work on songs and not worry about record contracts, songs come first.

What should fans expect from your support slot?

We're really looking forward to the show with Noel, we honestly couldn't be more honoured to be invited to play with him and his new band. We'll perform songs from the album we have due for release in 2012, to give people an idea of exactly who we are. The live performance is heavier than the record too, we hope people will enjoy it.

What are the bands plans for the rest of the year?

We're about to go on tour with Miles Kane throughout the UK just before we join up with Noel Gallagher. Hopefully we will get a few more shows in but to be honest, we're getting ready for the release of our full length debut album, I See Cathedrals, in early 2012.

How did the support for Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds come about?

Noel's manager played him some songs from our record whilst he was making the video for The Death of You and Me. He liked them and shortly afterwards, asked us to support him at The Roundhouse. Noel also asked us to be on BBC Radio 2 when he sat in for Dermot O'Leary recently. It was the first time we’d met him and we had to perform live on the radio with just two hours sleep as we’d been on tour in Scotland. Noel still has a great love of new music. Always looking for stuff and when he likes it, he supports it, he's altruistic and generous to a fault.

Are you looking forward to the show?
It'll be our biggest show to date and we'll be in such good company, We feel very lucky. We will play our hearts out and hopefully let people know exactly why we’re there!

What are your thoughts on the tracks from High Flying Birds?

Noel is a prolific writer, he has written many amazing songs over the years that are the soundtrack to many peoples lives, including my own. That he continues to write great songs is insane. It reminds me that we've got so much to do.

Were you fans of Oasis? If so, when did you first hear them?

I think the first play of 'Supersonic' was on Steve Lamacq's Radio 1 show, and I heard it there. Then a mate gave me a cassette with some tracks on, there was an unbelievable number of great songs which were far better than anything else around. Like everyone else, we became fans. There were no other bands around nearly as good - they wiped the floor with everyone else on the music scene at that time.

Finally what are your favourite Oasis tracks and why?

There are many... Supersonic, Shakermaker, Sad Song, Rock & Roll Star,Acquiesce, Wonderwall, Mucky Fingers, Whatever, Songbird, The Importance Of Being Idle but I think if I had to choose one, it would be 'Whatever' - I'm sure I heard an eight or nine minute version that was ostentatious, ambitious with brilliant strings. It may have sounded like The Beatles but it was clearly Liam & Noel at the height of their powers. I remember thinking they could take on the world with those songs when I heard that.

The video below is the trailer to a free track 'Avalanche' which anyone can download by simply liking their Facebook page at!

For more details about the band visit the links below.

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