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Johnny Marr Is Very Impressed By The "Cool" Sounding Noel Gallagher Record

Johnny Marr thinks Noel Gallagher's solo material is "very clever" and sounds really "cool".

Marr has guested on a track on his friend's forthcoming new album and is very impressed by the "cool" sounding record.

He said: "Noel's done a clever thing, he's managed to make his solo career very natural and incorporate a new kind of sound.

"It has that kind of cool, rolling clubby sort of feel to it with his singing over the top."

Many years ago, Johnny sent Noel a guitar he wrote The Smiths' 'Panic' on, and when it was smashed during an altercation on stage he kindly sent him another.

Asked if he had sent him the 'Panic' guitar, Johnny told Q magazine: "I did yeah but then he broke it.

"They were on tour in Newcastle and I got a frantic phone call saying there'd been an altercation on stage and the guitar had been broken so I went to the shed, dusted off the one I did 'The Queen is Dead' on and sent it up to him. He's still got it."

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