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Conor McGregor Is An 'Absolute Dude', Says Noel Gallagher

Conor McGregor has added former Oasis star Noel Gallagher to his lengthy list of admirers.

The Irishman's stock has risen astronomically since his cross-code bout with boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather, which has helped him gain fans across the globe.

McGregor's garish costumes and trash talking only served to add to the hype of the mega-bout — and even became a sideshow in itself.

And Gallagher, a devout Manchester City fan, is the latest star to reveal his love for the UFC megastar.

'The trash talking, oh I love him,' Gallagher said on Absolute Radio on Monday morning.

'He's a dude. An absolute dude. He makes me cry laughing when he's going on about Floyd Mayweather's baldy little head.

'Charisma will get you a long way. If you're talented and you've got charisma, the world is your oyster — and that guy has got it.

'It's like "wow, what planet have you come from?" — he's unbelievable. I'd love to meet him.'

McGregor displayed charisma in abundance during the build up to the fight but was eventually bested by one of the greatest boxers the sport has ever seen.

The 29-year-old has not ruled out a return to the ring, but coach John Kavanagh has said his next appearance is more likely to be in the octagon.

Should he return to the UFC, a mouthwatering trilogy against Nate Diaz next year would be the preferred option — with UFC chief Dana White shooting down reports of a December fight.


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