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Liam Gallagher Asked The Blossoms To Write A Tune For Him

Blossoms were in their element after they met both Noel and Liam Gallagher.

But the lads made sure not to tell the feuding brothers they had talked to the other! Frontman Tom Ogden told me that speaking to Liam at Leeds Festival was not just something to tick off the bucket list, as it resulted in the Oasis legend offering to work with the band.

“He told me to write a tune for him and he was up for singing anything,” Tom said.

“He joked that he ‘could polish a turd!’ I’m gonna do it, I’d be mad not to.”

A couple of weeks later, the band found themselves in a dressing room with Noel at the We Are Manchester show on for the official reopening of Manchester Arena after the terror attack in May.

Rick Astley and Pep Guardiola, the Manchester City manager were there,” Tom says.

“That was insane. Noel’s a City fan so he invited Pep over and he was like: ‘Come to my dressing room.’”

Drummer Joe Donovan added: “We didn’t tell the Gallaghers about each other. We can retire happy now we’ve met our heroes.

“If I was the person to get them back together that would be amazing!”


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