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Liam Gallagher ''I Can't Bulls**t Myself"

Liam Gallagher has said that his solo album ''doesn't feel any different'' to an Oasis record.

Speaking about his album 'As You Were', he said: ''It doesn't feel any different to an Oasis record.. I sing the way I've always sung and I still get the same hit.

''It's always been about me anyway, you know what I mean? So nothing's changed.''

And he insists the album is very honest and comes from the ''depths of [his] soul''.

Speaking to The Big Issue, he said: ''I can't bulls**t myself, you know what I mean? 'Cause I have to live with me. Twenty-four seven.

''I like who I am, without a doubt. I wouldn't want to become someone else. And I wouldn't want to be part of some celebrity clique. That doesn't mean anything to me, that sort of thing.

''I'm not into going to parties with a load of people I don't know from OK! magazine, swapping numbers, all that s**t.

''It's the same on stage. When I go on there and I sing... I ain't an entertainer...But I hope people see that I'm singing from the depths of my f***ing soul. And it's the real deal. That's all I can really do.''

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