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Liam Gallagher On Why He Never Uses Public Transport

Liam Gallagher never takes public transport because he hates having to get too close to other people. 

He told Q magazine: “I haven’t been on it for years. I’ve got legs, you know what I mean? F**k Tubes. Not into it. All those people sweating and breathing on you – no thanks. Our kid does it. He even did a photoshoot down there to let people know he’s a man of the f***ing people.” And Liam also confessed to finding hot weather stressful.

Discussing his last holiday, he said: “The Maldives. Beautiful. I get stressed out in the heat, but if there’s a pool with a bar, I’m sweet. I can lie there all day like George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley in the ‘Club Tropicana’ video.”

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