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Replying to @Wainman1955Paul In it the guys in bed with the lot of them very dark 

Replying to @PBoneham Fuck off you red ted

Replying to @butterkupcake I was and is such a nice brother him on the other hand boooooo

Replying to @toukotytto @butterkupcake I know its breaking my heart more I adore him and miss him so much 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Replying to @cornerkitteh @butterkupcake You seem to know a lot for some massive cunt who weren't there

Replying to @dannyastin2010 @butterkupcakeCoz he knows not to get in the ring with me as I'd have him and all his so called mates fanboys fangirls for breakfast

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