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Noel Gallagher On 'Don't Look Back In Anger' Being An “Anthem For Defiance”

Noel Gallagher spoke to Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio and said Don't Look Back In Anger' is an “anthem for defiance” following the Manchester bombings earlier this year.

He said “It was amazing how people rallied round that song in the days after that, it was quite a thing.  I get asked about it a lot, and I have been doing it recently and it almost gives me goosebumps really, that in the days after that, politicians' words weren't enough.  The comforting words from experts on the news weren't enough, people rallied round a song, like old school.  And the night I did it in Manchester, you've got these mixed emotions of ‘you live for these moments where what you've created has gone into people's lives.  So you're there, and it's for all the wrong reasons.  So, that song is, without it being an extraordinary song, it's an extraordinary thing, because for 20 years it was a song of no regrets, it's about a girl who's, maybe, was toasting her life passing her by, and now it's become this anthem for defiance”

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