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Kasabian Wouldn’t Be A Band Without Liam Gallagher

Kasabian have talked about the influence of Liam Gallagher on their music, speaking at the VO5 NME Awards 2018.

The former Oasis frontman was awarded the Godlike Genius award at this year’s ceremony, and NME asked Kasabian how Liam had an impact on them.

“He means everything,” Serge said. “He’s amazing,” Tom agreed.

“There wouldn’t be us if it wasn’t for him. You need a two hour therapy session for how important that man was in my life.”

Serge went on to cite Liam’s Umbro tracksuit that he wore during Oasis’ Maine Road gig in 1996.

Serge then joked that he had slept with Gallagher before, adding that he was “too hairy”.


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