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Liam Gallagher Says His Truce With Noel Was 'In My Head'

Liam Gallagher speaking about calling a truce with his brother.

He said "In my head [we called a truce]. Because it's Christmas innit and me mam's always going, 'Look, calm down,' so I had a couple of drinks and thought, you know, I'll put it out there. But it's not happening, is it? ... No, no - I went there [to the Chiltern Firehouse] and he wasn't there. He wasn't meant to be there, but that's where him and all his posh mates go, so I thought I'd steam down there and see what they gotta say. I just went down there looking for a bit of trouble and that but there was none of 'em about. They were all probably at home, counting their money ... We've not made up."

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