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Blossoms On Liam And Noel Gallagher

Taken from an interview with the BBC read the full article here.

Who have you met that's been actually cool?

Tom: Alex Turner. Liam Gallagher.

Joe: Noel Gallagher. Paul Weller.

Tom: Those are a solid four. And what they all have in common is they walk really slow. They have a powerful walk. They walk slower than your average.

Have they been supportive of the Blossoms?

Tom: Yeah, definitely. Everyone is just sound. We don't stay in touch and become best mates or 'owt like that. They'll give you a bit of advice, then you have a beer and go and do your own thing. You realise they're just normal people.

Who's left you starstruck?

Joe: My first ever gig with Tom was Oasis, so Noel and Liam are on a pedestal up here. So even when you meet 'em and they're like normal people, in your head they'll always be "Noel and Liam Gallagher". Even now, we're going on tour with Noel and even if we just walk past him in the corridor, I get butterflies. I don't think that'll ever go away.

And Alex Turner - there's no way Alex Turner is a normal human. He's like an alien. Everything he does is perfect. That's why I can never put them people down as normal people. They can't be, can they? They're freaks of nature and amazing.

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