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Liam Gallagher On Why He Needs Autocue

Liam Gallagher has admitted he needs the assistance of the prompting device at his gigs to remember the lyrics to his new tracks as well as the Oasis back catalogue.

When appearing as a guest on Mike Skinner's and Murkage Dave's new Spotify podcast 'In The Third Person', Skinner suggested: "You might need an autocue, maybe?", to which he replied: "Oh, I do need autocue. I do have autocue."

He said that it's "fucking shit" to have to rely on it, but he wouldn't be without it.

He explained: "Fucking too right … I mean, I’d say anything, whatever they put on there. If they put fucking fish and chips and fucking, you know, I’d sing that as well.

"It’s terrible, leaving my fucking shit in other people’s hands, but yeah, I need the autocue, man."

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