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Noel Gallagher On Different Generations Of Fans Coming To His Gigs And More

Some quotes from Noel Gallagher from the current issue of Q, the article is mostly a review of the High Flying Birds concert at the Fox Theatre in Oakland, California on March 10th.

Noel Gallagher on waiting to talk to the crowd at gigs.

"I aim to get those cats begging for me to speak, that is the perfect state to have them in. Then all I need to do is drop a mumbled 'good evening' into the mic and the deranged bastards whoop and holler like I'm Martin Luther King talking about his dreams. It has taken many years, countless diagrams, strange rituals and the suspicious death of a business partner to calibrate the balance of music and talk. I feel I have it right at the moment but the world changes fast, I feel like a kitten in a tumble-dryer some days."

On different generations of fans coming to his gigs.

"I love the multi-generational aspect. I love to look out and see children on the shoulders of their parents. One day I hope to see grandparents with their middle-aged children on their shoulders, and atop them their millennial kids, who in turn, bear the weight of their newborn offspring. Great, tottering towers of life, all singing along, head to toe in my fucking merch."

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