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Some Quotes From Noel Gallagher's Interview With Beats 1 That Will Be Broadcast On Sunday

Noel Gallagher to Beats 1 in an interview that will be broadcast on Sunday.

"When I first started [performing solo], I used to do 20 songs and 12 of them were Oasis songs, and that's pure necessity. Now it's down to five".

"The only conscious thing that I would do, because those songs are part of people's lives particularly in England, I wouldn't have Charlotte [Marionneau] play the scissors on an Oasis song...I'm aware of what those songs mean to people."

"Those songs got me to where I am now and I wouldn't be that arrogant as to go out and not perform at least five or six [Oasis songs]."

"I wish I could do 'Rock 'n' Roll Star' and 'Slide Away' and maybe some of the earlier stuff but they just don't suit my voice."

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