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Liam Gallagher Cheers Himself Up With A Mirror And John Lennon

Liam Gallagher says he never needs to go to a shrink — because he battles the blues by looking at himself in the mirror and listening to John Lennon.

The As You Were singer has had his fair share of aggro following a couple of divorces and an ongoing feud with his big brother Noel, 51.

Asked about depression, the former Oasis frontman says he finds it easy to cheer himself up, boasting: ‘F*** that. Have you seen how I look? I am looking great. The minute I slip into depression I just have a quick look in the mirror.’

But it’s not only his own image that Liam uses as a quick pick-me-up. The 45-year-old shared: ‘I have got John Lennon. Anytime I am in need, man, I just stick him on, all those dark clouds disappear. I do not need therapy. John Lennon is my thing.’


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