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Liam Fray On How Oasis' 'Columbia' Makes You Feel Invincible

Liam Fray from The Courteeners has spoken to Q about Oasis' 'Definitely Maybe'.

"I was nine when this came out, so I actually got it after I got Morning Glory. Even at 11/12, you could hear it was rawer and angrier. Bring It On Down is pure rage, it's great. I think that song sums up The Courtneers as a band, cos we do feel like the uninvited guest. When we came out, Oasis had just split up so people needed something to fill that hole. Even now we put Cigarettes & Alcohol on before we come onstage and the place just erupts. it's still so powerful".

"If you listen to Columbia walking down Market Street in Manchester, it makes you feel invincible. I also get a bit of vulnerability from the lyrics, like Noel knows his life is going to change at that moment. I think Rock 'n' Roll Star may have slightly been a homage to I Wanna Be Adored. Those two opening tracks - that is amazing to write that on your debut album. It's funny as fuck. They must have thought 'Fuck off, tonight I'm a rock'n'roll star."

Taken from the new issue of Q that has a feature on the 156 Most Influential Records Of All Time.

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