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How U2 Came To Influence Noel Gallagher's Music

In the 90s no one was safe from the sharp tongue on the Gallaghers. As they took the world by storm with their music, they also ran amok in the press; slamming everyone from Moby to Jack White. As time as passed, Noel Gallagher has soften his exterior and allowed us a glimpse into his creative process. And what do we find? A love of U2, of course. Noel's songwriting may have changed, but Bono and co's influence can be heard all over the place, from early titling to his High Flying melodies. Take a look at how one of the biggest bands of in all time were influenced of the other biggest bands of all time.

X-PLAINED is the series that breaks down some of music's most interesting questions; getting to grips with where our favourite tunes and artists have come from, and what made them what they are.

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