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Liam Gallagher On Being Blocked From Using Oasis Music In 'As It Was' And More

Liam Gallagher has spoken to the new edition of Q about 'As It Was' that is released in cinemas next week

Speaking about the film he said "As much as people think my ego is out of control, I'm not arsed about having a film about me. It was nice to document the comeback, I suppose, but can I really be arsed having a camera in my face when I'm on holiday! There are some good bit's in it and I'm sure people will enjoy it. But put it out now and fuck off. I keep telling people not to get to excited. It's not Star Wars".

Speaking about being blocked from using any of Oasis' music in the film he said "Yeah he wrote them, but he was part of a band, and I was in that band singing them. If I was singing his solo gear then OK. But these are Oasis songs. They belong to the people. He wrote them, I sang them, we made them".

'As It Was' is in cinemas on Thursday for more details visit

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