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Listen To Liam Gallagher On 'That Peter Crouch Podcast'

Click here and skip to 12:15 to listen to Liam Gallagher's appearance at Crouchfest that took place over the weekend.

Those of you outside the UK check out iTunes etc.

To the astonishment of all involved, the long-awaited and frequently doubted Crouchfest actually comes to fruition, and in ways no-one could ever imagine. Join almost 3,000 happy pod listeners as Crouchie, Tom and Chris put on a show at a sold-out o2 in London that makes the Samrat Christmas special look like a poetry reading in Ealing library. There are superstars from the world of music, a coachload of referees, London’s biggest round of drinks and a man dressed as Tony Pulis. Nothing in the world of That Peter Crouch Podcast will be quite the same ever again.

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