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Liam Gallagher On His New Music, Life, Kids, Oasis, Noel And More

In an antiques-stuffed suite at Helsinki’s grandest hotel, Liam Gallagher is doing laps of the coffee table. His arms are swishing like a swimmer, his mouth’s agape in a fishy pout. I’d made the mistake of asking if he’d ever been to the Finnish capital before, either in the 15 years he spent touring the world with Oasis, or in the decade since the band’s split (first with Beady Eye, then as a solo artist). He’d promptly leapt to his feet. Even before an audience of one on a Saturday morning, this diehard rock’n’roll star can’t help but perform.

“The good thing about caning it in the Nineties is I don’t remember anything,” he says, as he bobs past. “I’m like a goldfish, swimming round, going: ‘F---ing hell, this place is mega!’ Then someone says: ‘You’ve been here ten times before.’”

He sits back down on the sofa, beaming. “Cane the drugs, man, and every day’s a brand new day.”

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