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Noel Gallagher On The Decision To Release Three EP's This Year

Noel Gallagher has spoken about releasing three EP's this year instead of an album to the new issue of Music Week.

Did the supposed decline of the album influence your decision to release EPs?

“No, I was on tour and I felt Who Built The Moon? had run its course. I was having a meeting one afternoon and it was like, ‘What about putting some stuff out next year?’ And I thought it was a good idea. I just thought, ‘I don’t have to make an album so it doesn’t have to be an artistic signpost, there doesn’t have to be a huge campaign attached to it, let’s just do three EPs’. We’ve come to the point where I’m just like, ‘Who am I making music for now – me or other people?’ I’ve just been following my instincts and they’ve come out great. I’m actually thinking of issuing the title track off the next EP with a written apology because it’s so far removed from anything I was doing a year ago – far less what I did in Oasis – that it will split what’s left of my fanbase [laughs].”

The new issue of Music Week is out now.

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