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Liam Gallagher On Starting A New Clothing Company, Touring With The Who, New Music, Peaky Blinders, Britpop And More

It’s an old question when it comes to pop stars and celebrities in general. Not rhetorical at all, but a real procedural, albeit aesthetic conundrum whose answer — either flamboyant or conversely simplified — can often have disastrous long-term results on the career of the said performer. You’ll recall all the terrible stylistic cul de sacs that the truly overrated producer Rick Rubin has pushed his post-Licensed to Ill proteges down, (Pete Yorn, Jake Bugg, and Nicole Atkins, to name a few), with the tepid results sucking out all of the vibrant momenta their music was building at the time. No empathy for the individual artist at all. But no one wants to question his clumsy sonic shifts because he’s, like, a quotation-fingered “genius,” right? And, like, surely he knows best what makes a hit record, right? Wrong. And to paraphrase the always on-point Pink Floyd, “Hey! Rubin! Leave those kids alone!”

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