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Noel Gallagher On Glastonbury Being Cancelled, Writing New Music, Riding His Bike And More

Noel Gallagher has spoken to the Matt Morgan's Funny How? podcast about making new music, self isolating and the cancellation of major festivals and events amid the pandemic.

Speaking about Glastonbury being cancelled he said: "I thought it’s for the best that it was cancelled.

"It wasn’t unexpected that it was going to get cancelled, and it’s better that it did."

Speaking about the gigs in Manchester and London that were postponed he said "The rest of the shows, I was kinda looking forward to them actually. I haven’t played for like six months and it was going to be nice to get back into it, but what can you do?"

He also spoke about life in his new home "in the sticks," where he said it was "easy" to socially distance from others.

“I don’t see anybody anyway," he revealed. "I go ride my bike round by where I live, but you don’t stop to talk to anyone”. No I don’t really see anybody.”

Asked if he could just easily shut the door and stay in with his family, he responded: "Ah yeah, easy.”

When asked if he was using the time to write a concept album, he replied: “I have been writing. I’ve not been writing a concept album, though.”

Listen to episode 10 of Matt Morgan's podcast here it's available on iTunes, Spotify and more.

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