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Noel Gallagher On Manchester City's Defeat In The Champions League

Noel Gallagher couldn’t bring himself to catch up with Jonny Owen on talkSPORT following Manchester City’s shock Champions League exit.

He sent a series of texts during the show, which were subsequently shared by Owen.

Gallagher texted: “Retaining the Carabao Cup, which we always win, seems to be the priority these days. I’m dreading the start of the season, last night will take a while to get over. We should have 3-5 new players to shake it up a bit. Can we see past Liverpool at the moment?”

“I’d buy Joao Felix, phase Aguero out over the season – he’s a legend, treat him with respect. Sell Jesus – he’s no hitman and buy another striker in the following season.”

“If we had Kylian Mbappe in front of him [De Bruyne], we’d win EVERYTHING.”

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