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Noel Gallagher On Two New Discovered Oasis Beatles Covers And More

Below is an extract from Noel Gallagher's interview with Record Collector that is on sale now.

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Record Collector: Did you find it difficult to write during lockdown?

Noel Gallagher: "No. I wrote more songs in that first three month period than I would have done otherwise because I've always got songs in various stages of completion. I found it easy to write. And then there was this box in the cupboard under the stairs with all these blank CD's in. I went right, today I'm going to fucking take that... I'm putting on these CDs and I found a load of old Oasis stuff, like songs I'd never recorded but I'd demoed. I'm going, no fucking way!".

Record Collector: What a find!

Noel Gallagher: "There's a great version of Eleanor Rigby, a punk version of Eleanor Rigby, and an amazing version of (1969 George Harrison Beatles track) 'It's All To Much' we did on the day George died. We went to the studio and did it as a tribute, and Johnny Marr's on it. There are two drummers: I was playing with Alan White and Johnny is on Guitar. It's fucking amazing. I'd forgotten all about it. It was just the backing track; Liam hadn't got round to doing the vocals. So I found all this music, which was gonna come out. You know that Don't Stop demo that we put up. We had planned to do an Oasis 'best of the 2000s'  because it's a period of Oasis that the masses are not interested in but for the actual fans there's some great tunes. With Don't Stop it was like, well, people are fucking floundering, put this out, the fans will love it".

Record Collector: Oasis fans would probably love the idea of a box full of more unreleased songs...

Noel Gallagher: "Well we did this best-of and the bonus disc was gonna be all these unreleased songs/ But - ha! Unfortunately we couldn't agree on something and it got dropped by the wayside. Because it was all set up and everyone was gearing up to release it, I was like, well hang on a minute, it's 10 years since I went solo, why don't we just do a best-of".

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