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Liam Gallagher On Working On Two Albums, Knebworth, Jack Grealish, Harry Kane And More

Quotes from Liam Gallagher's Interview that was broadcast this morning on Absolute Radio.

On his Exec Producer title for the upcoming Knebworth 1996 film – “Here’s how hands on I was, I done nothing because this is the thing, right, here’s my theory, I’m not even in it. I mean I’m in the film, but I was like, “I’m not having a talking head over it,”. We did that with Supersonic. The film speaks for itself. It’s like the fans and the music, they don’t need me rabbiting on going, “Alright, man, it was mega.” … I say my little bit at the end. So that’s my graft is staying out of it. There’s an art in not getting too involved … So that’s my kind of producey work, do nothing.”

On his new music – “I’ve kind of got two albums on the go, I’ve got like one that will– one that’s a bit mad and one that’s a bit more like kind of whatever normal is, a bit more classic. So, we’re just going to wait and see which one we should put out, you know what I mean? But I’ve been busy, man, so I can’t wait. Just got to get these gigs out of the way and next year gonna proper own it!”

On why he can’t go out in disguise – “I mean I do go out in some serious disguises some days walking and that. It’s the walk. Unless I walk, unless I walk like a normal person, I don’t know what that is, then I might get away with it. I could go out dressed as whoever, you know what I mean, but it’s the walk, it’s the walk that gives it away.”

On Knebworth memories – “I knew it was going to be big, but that didn’t, that did not scare me one bit. I mean as we were flying over the field I was going, “Surely we could get some more people in that field next-door, and that field over there. Why is there loads of empty fields here, man?” So that’s where my head was at. I was going like that, “Listen, mate, get on the phone here and sell more tickets. There are loads of fields around it empty. Surely we could squeeze a few more in.”

On Jack Grealish signing for Manchester City – “I don’t know much about him. Obviously like he’s played for Aston Villa, and everyone’s banging on about him, but you know I reckon– no one’s worth a hundred mill are they really at the end of the day?”

On Harry Kane – “No, not having him either. Obviously, he’s a great goal scorer, but I’d rather have Son, man. Son does more than Harry Kane. Or I’d rather have Haaland. He’s young, you’ll get ten years out of him.

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