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Noel Gallagher To Host A New Weekly Show For Radio X

Noel Gallagher will be joined by Matt Morgan for a Radio X series that starts on Sunday.

The show will be broadcast every week throughout August between 7pm & 9pm. The residency will see Noel will pick some of his favourite music and answer fan questions.

As well as being able to listen to Noel and Matt on Radio X, fans will also be able to watch on demand video content from the shows exclusively on Global Player.

Speaking about his Radio X Residency, Noel Gallagher said: "You lucky little indie kids are getting the pleasure of mine and the thinking man’s fuddy-duddy Matt Morgan’s company for a Residency. You’ll be hearing some great tunes, and a lot of nonsense, being spouted mostly by me! Tune in… you might learn summat. NG.

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