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Our Review: Liam Gallagher 'C'MON YOU KNOW'

The world is a very different place since Liam Gallagher released his last solo album, 2019's 'Why Me? Why Not.'. We've seen the world change before our eyes, and you'd have forgiven the ex-Oasis frontman for sticking to the beaten track, as we navigate our way back to normality. With his new album, his third solo effort 'C'MON YOU KNOW', he's done anything but stick to the basics; exploring new territory, new sounds, and at the same time, producing a genuinely brilliant album. 

Since his early twenties, Liam has delivered music that smacked you in the face in an instant, it didn't take time to digest, or analyse, it was just there. Take it or leave it. Though he's hinted at a more experimental and deeper side in the past (see 'Born On A Different Cloud' from Heathen Chemistry), this is the first time he's gone all in on creating something previously unchartered. The results are always interesting, and constantly stunning. 

Tracks like 'Moscow Rules', and album opener 'More Power' are brilliant indicators of this new sound. Though they only, and could only, sound like Liam Gallagher, there's a texture and depth to the songs that makes you want to revisit them immediately after they end, but still have enough of a hook to reel you in on first listen.

Whilst there are some nods to specific genres; late 90s electronic-psych textures in 'Better Days', reggae (!) in 'I'm Free', it's difficult to pin down specific inspirations for most of the numbers. Ultimately it's still Liam Gallagher, and it's a brilliant effort. It's an album where you simply have to open your mind, and let each song pull you in and spit you out. You won't know what hit you, but you'll know it was something good.


C'MON YOU KNOW is out now 

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