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Andy Bell Interview And New EP Details

Part of an interview with The Guardian.

What was the first pinch-yourself moment while playing live with Oasis? 

Waiting to go on stage at Wembley. You’re hearing the excitement of the people that are waiting to hear you, which feels brilliant.

I always felt that a guitarist and songwriter of your talent was wasted playing bass in Oasis. Did it ever feel like that? 

That’s rude to bass players. Not at all. I learned so much about music as a guitarist playing bass. The bassist and the drummer are the backbone. I took it very seriously. Plus, it was lovely to be asked to join in with songwriting. My song Turn Up the Sun was the opening number for a whole tour. It even broke a barrier in the Manchester City stadium, when the crowd rushed forward. Luckily I don’t think anyone was injured badly.

Read the interview in full here.

Andy has a new EP out today details can be found here.

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