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Liam Gallagher On John Squire, Oasis, Noel, Beady Eye, Tom Meighan And More

hen Liam Gallagher first heard the songs John Squire had written for their new collaborative album, he had two thoughts: that they were “banging”, and that he instinctively knew how to sing them. After all, he’s been singing Squire’s songs since his early teens.

“You’ve got to remember, I’m a massive Stone Roses fan,” Gallagher announces from across the table at a studio in Kentish Town, north London. “They were the ones who got me into [being in] a band, so I know the rhythms. It’s not like I’m singing Trent Reznor out of the fucking Nine Inch Nails, d’you know what I mean? Not that I’m saying it was easy. I just make it look easy.”

Read the full interview with Liam and John here.

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