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John Squire On Working With Liam Gallagher And More


Below is a snippet from John Squire's interview in the current issue of Guitarist magazine that is on sale now at

Who suggested the collaboration with Liam?

“I had a catch-up with my managers, and it was just a casual comment, but I mentioned I was writing again and I wondered if they could keep an eye out for a good female vocalist. I started getting audio clips, but nothing seemed quite right and it fizzled out. Then I was asked: ‘Liam’s doing a Knebworth anniversary show – you played at the first one, do you want to play at the second one?’ It was at the rehearsal that I first talked about this album with Liam. After the second show, I started talking about how we were going to collaborate, and he said, ‘No, you’re writing it, and as long as there’s loads of guitars, I’m in.’ That was everything I needed to hear.”

How would you compare your two Knebworth cameos on Champagne Supernova?

“I was more of a show-off at the first one. The brief was just ‘go crazy’. I think I did a better job the second time. Apparently, I wasn’t well at the first Knebworth show. I don’t remember that, but I looked at some old clips and Liam introduced me saying, ‘We haven’t seen him all day, he’s been in bed picking his nose.’ This time, he introduced me as ‘the coolest man on the planet’. I was praying I wouldn’t trip over a monitor or something.”

Why do you and Liam click?

“We’re on the same page musically. We like the same kind of shoes. He’s a loss to stand-up comedy, really entertaining to be around. What do I like about his voice? It’s really distinctive. It cuts. It’s like asking, ‘What do you like about the sound of a Strat?’ There’s something about it that gets to me.” The media will inevitably call this a supergroup. How do you feel about that term?“Hmm. I wouldn’t be interested in listening to a supergroup. Maybe this will be an exception.”

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