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Listen To All Episodes Of 'The Rise And Fall Of Oasis' On BBC Sounds

Jo Whiley and Steve Lamacq delve into the story behind Oasis.on BBC Sounds here

The Rise and Fall Of Oasis - Episode 1 - Bring It On Down... The Fight On The Ferry 

Oasis is Liam Gallagher’s band, and after their first gig at the Manchester Boardwalk he asks his brother, Noel, to be their manager. Noel instead suggests joining as songwriter. Episode 1 focuses on the exciting and breathless start of the band - new experiences and new dynamics. Yet turbulence, chaos and confusion is never far away with Oasis... as a disastrous trip to Amsterdam proves.

The Rise and Fall of Oasis - Episode 2 - Talk Tonight… A Riot In Newcastle

It's 1994 and Oasis’ constant touring is underscoring their reputation as rock n roll hell-raisers, a reputation which comes to the fore at a gig in Newcastle just days before the release of their debut album. Then, just a few weeks later, the hottest new band in the UK are in a mess in America. Their first US tour is a shambles. Frustrated at blowing their big chance, Noel Gallagher walks out of the band, flying off to Las Vegas. He returns after a week, with a new vision for Oasis, and with a set of clear objectives. Episode 2 looks at the live reputation that the band was starting to form, where an Oasis gig would either be biblical or diabolical, and how that debut American tour helped bring a new focus to Noel’s leadership.

The Rise and Fall of Oasis - Episode 3 - Morning Glory… And A Cricket Bat

With a number 1 single under their belts, the band headline Glastonbury on Boneheads’ 30th Birthday, welcome a new drummer and release the era defining album - (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? But this episode is not without drama - a studio fight almost derails the Oasis express and the Blur Vs Oasis rivalry reaches a nadir. 

The Rise and Fall of Oasis - Episode 4 - Champagne Supernova...? The Missing Gallagher

Oasis are Massive. Earls Court, Knebworth and actual success in America. But with that comes arrogance, defiance and a fight so ferocious that the band appear to have finally split up. We cover the chaotic month that sees the band play Knebworth, have a meltdown live on MTV, and a US tour that starts without one brother, and ends without the other. Utter chaos, and pure drama at the very peak of their powers. Post Knebworth, Oasis really didn’t know what to do next, and as they lurch from one drama to another, the British tabloids have made them a front page priority.

The Rise and Fall of Oasis - Episode 5 - Be Here Now… Blair, Blur And A Backlash.

In the lead up to the release of Be Here Now, Oasis tabloid mania is at fever pitch, but what should be the crowning glory of their career is slowly unravelling. The band faced a series of challenges, many of their own causing, and the album is released to massive fanfare... and industry paranoia. We learn about the chaos that followed the group at the time, the backlash that came after the release of Be Here Now, the Australian tour affair that almost resulted in a major diplomatic incident and how Noel’s visit to number 10 changed everything.

The Rise and Fall of Oasis - Episode 6 - Where Did It All Go Wrong? The Death Of A Party

As the millennium approaches, Oasis are no longer sound tracking a generation. They are flat and limping along; trying, in vain, to find their place in a shifting musical environment. Noel chooses this period to get clean but he, and Liam, have divorces pending. Bonehead and Guigsy leave the group, and the band release ‘Standing on the Shoulder of Giants’ - their comedown album. Add to this, their “worst gig ever” live at Wembley stadium and a fight in Barcelona that will fundamentally alter the brother’s relationship. And we look at how the tabloid demand for the band lead to cases of phone hacking and leaks within the camp. 

The Rise and Fall of Oasis - Episode 7 - Fade Away… A Plum In Paris

Oasis during the 2000s dutifully continue to play the hits to a committed and enthusiastic audience. However, when the final show does eventually come, it’s a largely unsatisfying end for a band that always seemed stronger than the rest. Oasis. Killed, by a plum. In a portacabin. In Paris.

The Rise and Fall of Oasis - Episode 8 - Live Forever?

With both Liam and Noel having successful solo careers, and a new generation of fans discovering Oasis, there is endless talk of the band getting back together. And whilst they seem to have been staying out of each other’s way, the constant jibing has moved to social media. We look at what the band means to a new generation of fans, and if they ever will just give each other a call?

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