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Noel Gallagher Says Cocaine Isn’t That Bad

The Oasis star – who claims not to have taken the Class A drug since 1998 – believes alcohol is the worst substance people can take and only thinks cocaine is harmful because it allows you to drink more.

Noel said: “Cocaine itself isn’t that bad. It just makes you drink more and that’s the worst drug there is - especially when you’re surrounded by people whose psychosis sets in the more they drink.”

Noel – who once compared drug-taking to “getting up in the morning and having a cup of tea” – insists he chose to give up cocaine because he was fed up of partying.

He said: “People think I stood up at a party and announced, ‘That was my last line of cocaine, from this day forth I shall take no more,’ and everybody sighed and left.

“It wasn’t like that. The reason I packed it in was that it was only meant to be a weekend, which became a week, which became a month and so on. I just decided I couldn’t be bothered anymore.”


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