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Oasis' 'I'm Outta Time' Chart Position

I'm Outta Time has entered the Official UK Singles Chart at number 12 on this weeks chart.

Unless it goes up in the chart next week, it ends a run of 22 consecutive top 10 singles that goes back to August 1994.

Consecutive top 10 singles by Oasis

Live Forever - 10
Ciggarettes And Alcohol - 07
Whatever - 03
Some Might Say - 01
Roll With It - 02
Wonderwall - 02
Don't Look Back In Anger - 01
D'You Know What I Mean - 01
Stand By Me - 02
All Around The World - 01
Go Let It Out - 01
Who Feels Love - 04
Sunday Morning Call - 04
The Hindu Times - 01
Stop Crying Your Heart Out - 02
Little By Little - 02
Songbird - 03
Lyla - 01
Importance Of Being Idle - 01
Let There Be Love - 02
Lord Don't Slow Me Down - 10 (Digital only single)
Shock Of The Lightning - 03

Dig Out Your Soul has re-entry in the Official Album Chart at number 25 on this weeks chart.


Anonymous said...

I never bought the single or the last one. To be honest I'm not buying it just for a remix by someone I have no interest in at all.

It's a shame that the band are giving us B-sides like this now. I have the album, and that will do me. I hope they sort it out for 'Falling Down'

Give us a live version or something and not these crappy remixes.

Anonymous said...

I use to bought vinyl, imported CD versions, this album is awesome, but I remember the fight between Noel and Jay-Z was about Rapers don't rock, so why Oasis is including remixes in Special Editions or Singles, I miss the days when my favourite band released separate B-sides, even the acoustic new songs were amazing in that times, it is a shame!

Anonymous said...

I remember Noel arguing with Jay-Z and Glastonbury that Rappers don't even be included in such kind of Great Festivals in UK, so why including remixes in Special Editions and B-Sides instead of unreleased b-sides songs, the new album is great, I recognize is better than SOTSOG or HC, but why changing to not include new B-Sides, it is a shame!

Anonymous said...

Noel believed that Glastonbury was a rock and guitar festival, and that Jay Z isn't following tradition. That was his only beef.

He doesn't hate rap or hip hop, he even used a drum loop from NWA in Dyou Know What I Mean.

Anonymous said...

yer i agree, i hate the remix shit, makes me not wanna buy it especially cause i buy vinyl and i already have the deluxe vinyl boxset with this song, i dont want a shit remix..... give us some B sides Oasis... fuck driving all the way to the only HMV that sells vinyls to get a crap remix,,,,