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Nigel Clark: "Oasis And Blur Weren't The Best Band Of The 1990's"

Arguably, the Britpop era was defined by ridiculously catchy pop-rock anthems, the Blur/Oasis rivalry and outspoken frontmen. And, while the music has moved on, the opinionated musicians’ tradition endures – as Nigel Clark proves here.

Since leaving Dodgy, acrimoniously, in 1998, the band have made friends and reformed.

Following a solo set at Dirty South this month, Dodgy will return to Glastonbury (the 1997 festival was the last time Nigel performed with the band before leaving) and there’s also an album in the making.

When he talks about Dodgy’s heyday, during the height of Britpop in the 1990s, it is with a blend of fondness and frustration.

“If you think about the 1960s, the two main bands people mention are The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Same thing with the 1990s, people are going to say Oasis and Blur. But they weren’t the best. There were a lot better bands in my opinion.”

I wonder if this is a reference to the fact Oasis once supported Dodgy on tour...

“They did in Manchester, they supported us on one of their first gigs,” said Nigel.

“I do know those guys but they’ve just stuck it out and done nothing new for 10 years.

“Oasis aren’t going to do anything risky because they’re going to protect their fanbase. I’m not in music for that, I want to make myself happy and push myself.”

Read the full interview here.


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